3 Simple Reasons Why Every Business Should Be On LinkedIn


Who’d have thought that even Nintendo’s Mario would cave into the pressures of social media and open up a LinkedIn page? The truth of the matter is that the way we do business and seek employment has evolved and changed so drastically during the last few years; social media is the new and improved print media. Widely regarded as a professional social medium, LinkedIn, has become a veritable tour de force when it comes to helping employees find jobs and even creating the perfect forum for B2B and B2C businesses. Creating a business page on LinkedIn is as easy as following the steps highlighted on this page.

Should you question as to why you need to create such a page, the following 5 reasons may offer you some real insight in favor of (rightfully!) throwing caution to the wind, and getting with the times.

  1. Engagement:The fact is that LinkedIn is not for the masses, but certainly does offer an excellent fulcrum (if you will) to change your target audience’s (TA) perception about you. At this point, your brand’s personality needs to shine, and you should post content that engages your TA. For example, consider the Company Page of Stapleswhere they post content that is free, relevant and ultimately useful for their clientele. Indubitably this would help garner more clients (if done properly and with a clear plan of action) and purchases.
  1. The Numbers:The numbers don’t lie. As per mid-2013, over 3 million companies have a LinkedIn page. As per the first quarter of 2014, there were over a million products and services that were highlighted across company pages on LinkedIn. Ignore boasting and showcasing your presence and visibility on LinkedIn at your peril. Don’t believe us? Read for yourself.


  1. Freedom To Be Creative: One size doesn’t fit all, and LinkedIn offers you ample freedom to create a cult around your brand; read up on how these brands created a unique sense of visibility here. One of the most innovative LinkedIn campaigns that really did work was by Fruit of the Loom, which is an underwear and sock brand, that sent a LinkedIn message to users who got a new job during the last one month; the recipients of such a message ended up with a complimentary pair of Fruit of the Loom. Curious to read more about this zany yet effective promotion? Then head over here.

ism apac: Going From Strength To Strength

24ISM APAC, which is housed at Orion City’s Alnitak Building, is an innovative e-commerce company that is part of ISM eCompany (boasting a workforce numbering in excess of 400 people), which has been offering state-of-the-art e-solutions for 24 years. With sister offices spanning from Indonesia, USA, Germany to Ukraine – ISM APAC are a private limited endeavor that provides Webshop Design, e-Commerce Strategy, Online Marketing, and Webshop Development.

With a cross-section of versatile clients, such as Buddha To Buddha, Heneiken, Akzo Nobel, Seiko Watches, Mitsubishi and Chelsea Football Club, it needs to be said that ISM APAC conveniently offers e-Commerce solutions on the in-house built platform Sana Commerce and open-source platform Magento Commerce.  25

At this particular juncture, it makes sense to mention that ISM eCompany was founded in 1992. The Colombo office, which is led by its GM, Alexander van Ooijen, has a young, informal and vibrant culture where open dialogue and clear communication is highly regarded.

Havin23g rapidly grown their workforce within a year to 100 employees at this moment, Alexander (who enjoys kite surfing in Kalpitiya, but probably is not too keen when it comes to spice-laden Lankan cuisine!) states that the Colombo base is now moving towards fine-tuning and achieving a greater sense of quality with regard to the whole operations in 2016.

Next year we’ll see ISM APAC focusing on achieving a higher degree of brand awareness, and attaining a longer and more aggressive push towards approaching high sales targets in countries such as Japan, Australia and the Middle East, namely in Qatar and Dubai.

For more in-depth information regarding ISM APAC, please visit their website here.

4 Surefire Skills That’ll Make You An HR Superhero

There was a time when HR was a mere adminisHRDA_01022014trative function that was as boring as it was tedious; times have changed. Not only do HR professionals have to be proactive, but they need to display an empathetic side that’ll resonate with staff members.

Gone are the days when HR professionals merely fulfilled a desk role where their main responsibility was filling in EPF/ETF Forms and being strictly obsessed with the deduction of pay leave. The employee landscape has changed with millennials making up the majority of a company’s workforce.

Suddenly, HR professionals around the world have slowly realized that the the HR industry has had to change and evolve to cater to a generation that sees and responds far differently to the previous generation; so with that in mind, here are 5 skills that every HR professional should develop in order to become a true HR superhero.

  1. Empathy. An HR superhero needs to develop a sense of empathy, which makes them more human. Seriously, where’s your compassionate side? The corporate world shouldn’t be cut and dry or black and white. As a HR professional, you need to traverse the fine line of human compassion and human responsibility. Lend a sympathetic ear and work with your staff to ensure that you care and want to come up with a solution to whatever problem he/she faces. Remember your reputation and that of your company may depend upon it.
  1. Conflict Management. Just like in the Marvel universe where Thor slam dunks Loki, you go ahead and fight fire with fire. And then it all blows up in your face. Be the real professional here and give into the voice of calm and reason and solve a conflict amiably. Remember, you’re dealing with a glut of different personalities and it’s up to you to gauge each person so that a conflict can be resolved without long-term issues that’ll affect productivity and staff well being. Surely, this is a skill that gets better with experience.
  1. Discretion. One man’s secret is another man’s weapon, and this is why integrity is of paramount importance. When a staff member (irrespective of their seniority or rank) discloses sensitive information that may be work-related or personal — act on it with integrity. Your responsibility as an HR professional is to your company and staff. If you are privy to sensitive information make sure that you act with a sense of discretion. Spilling the beans with ignorance can destroy a team or a person and leave your sense of honor hanging in threads.
  1. Master Of All. Part of your job as an HR professional is to understand the various roles that the entire staff plays in a company. You can’t assess a Sales Executive the way you assess a Software Engineer. Both have different KPIs and they both have different issues to overcome. It’s of significant importance to spend time with staff members to understand their role and their objectives. This would indubitably allow you enough information to help create processed within the HR support role that can drive them towards achieving company goals