4 Features Of The iPhone 6S Plus That You Probably Don’t Know About


Remember that time when Samsung threw around the Galaxy Note chockfull of features? Every single iteration of the Galaxy came with a plethora of features that were deemed redundant. I mean honestly who in the world was going to use features that are useless?
For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 come with Face Unlock. Funky it may be, but it won’t work in the dark. Plus who wants to see their own face every second they want to use their phone, unless you’re THAT narcissistic.
Before we proceed, here’s a disclaimer: this is not a post that’s geared to bashing Samsung and Android, but more of a post that’s focused on the ingenuity and relevance of Apple products. Apple users have long been enamored by its closed-wall garden where it enjoyed the Apple-way-of-doing-things, however, with stiff competition from a glut of Android phones has led Apple to offer some really cool and interesting features that are very useful.

1. Keyboard Track Pad

We all know the trials and tribulations of writing and editing, and one of the most annoying things that we have to deal with it highlighting a word or moving the cursor via a finger to the exact spot that deserves an edit. But with the iPhone 6 and its counterparts, you can simply deep press the keyboard aka 3D Touch, and turn it into a track pad that can effortlessly help you with your edits.

2. Peek & Preview

Another real nifty feature is where the 3D Touch capability offers you a chance to peek and preview website links, messages, and even pictures. It works with even third-party apps like Whatsapp as well, and it’s really useful for that busy individual who is always on the go and needs to assimilate information and decide whether it needs his or her quick attention.

3. 3D Touch For Short Cuts

This is pretty straightforward, and pretty darn useful. Basically, deep press whatever app to access a variety of shortcuts. It truly works great and helps avoid time wastage. Try it on third-party apps or even the Camera feature; it’s perfect to take that quick selfie and capture a memorable moment in a hurry.

4. Spotlight This!

Spotlight may have been around for some time, but with iOS 9 it offers you shows recent contacts and recently used apps, including other useful stuff like as well as links to nearby restaurants and coffee shop etc. Spotlight can be customized: Simply choose which apps you want to see by opening up Settings —> General —> Spotlight Search.

So there you have it. With the smartphone wars getting fiercer, more and note manufacturers are throwing more features into their phones. Let’s keep this an open forum; tell us in the comments below what your favorite feature is whether it be an iPhone or an Android product.

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