Have an Artistic Vibe? Checkout the Viber Design & Win Competition, Sri Lanka.


Did you know that there are more than 5 million people in Sri Lanka that use Viber regularly? That’s almost 25% of Sri Lankans. So, the odds are that you’re a Viber user too. Realizing that Sri Lanka is a significant market, the cool guys (and girls) at Viber have decided to host a design contest in which participants, like you, hopefully, will have a chance to come up with their own cool and maybe even quirky Viber Stickers.

Viber is launching the contest after having massive success with their recently launched collection of Sri Lankan themed Viber Stickers. Did you know that there are 96 million Viber Stickers exchanged in Sri Lanka every month? How many Viber Stickers have you sent out so far this month?

If you’re a designer, illustrator, visual artist, student or just someone who likes to get creative, then this is a challenge you should take up. Viber is looking for local talent and the top 3 finalists will receive an Apple iPad. That’s one for each of them. They’ll also get the cool opportunity of becoming part of a panel of Official Designers of Viber Stickers in Sri Lanka. For the top 10 finalists, each will get a Certificate of Participation and have their stickers featured across the Viber Platform.

The only condition for entry is that you’ve got to be above 18 years of age and of course you need to have sticker design to submit :-P. Sketches or digital designs will need to be submitted as a photo, a .jpeg file or a scanned document. Along with that, you’ll need to include your name, a short description of the artwork and your mobile telephone number.

Submit your entries to partnerships.srilanka@viber.com on or before Monday the 12th of October 2016. Winners are scheduled to be announced by the 24th of October 2016.

See here for full details and entry guidelines. Good luck.

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