Going Pro With Cyber Security

Sri Lanka’s First Cyber Security Degree Programme Launches

It’s very reasonable to suggest that you’re more likely to get hacked than smacked these days. In 2016 we saw massive increases in cyber security breaches affecting everyone from major governments, companies and the ordinary fellow on the street. In this heightened environment of ‘Cyber Tension’ the CICRA Campus, Sri Lanka’s pioneering information security training and consultancy provider, has taken the very prudent step to introduce, for the first time in Sri Lanka, a Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Cyber Security. The Degree programme is offered and conducted by CICRA in partnership with Deakin University in Australia.

Cyber Security as a profession is growing rapidly in Sri Lanka and around the world. A report published by Cisco indicates that there are currently more than 1 million job opportunities for Cyber Security Specialists and Forbes magazine has projected that by 2019 there will be more than 6 million openings for qualified experts in the field.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Cyber Security offered by CICRA, in partnership with Deakin University, will focus on this critical area and provide extensive, in-depth knowledge and training. CICRA says that the program will provide students with a solid foundation in Cyber Security Literacy and all of the technical skills required of a Cyber Security Professional by the industry, allowing graduates to stand out in the job market. To complete the programme a minimum of 100 hours in an internship position is mandatory, which only adds to the student’s experience and employability.

What we really like about the programme is that it’s flexible. CICRA has obtained a special license to offer the complete three-year degree programme right here in Colombo, allowing students to affordably complete their studies without leaving the country. The programme is also ideal for students interested in studying abroad or even migrating, allowing for the first year of study to be completed in Colombo and the remaining two years to be completed at Deakin University in Australia where, according to the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (a US Think Tank), there is plenty of opportunity, with Australia leading the world in the shortage of Cyber Security Experts.

Cyber Security has been an issue ever since the advent of the internet. Still, it has largely remained a niche area of interest until events like the Snowden Revelations showed us the extent to which technology can be misused and abused. That and the advent of high profile Hackings and groups of Hackers like Anonymous have firmly thrust Cyber Security into the spotlight. Given that the world is only becoming more connected and therefore more vulnerable, we feel that choosing a career in Cyber Security is an admirable way to serve one’s country and society at large. In this age of ‘Cyber Psychos’, kudos to CICRA for taking the initiative to provide Sri Lankans with the means to fight the battle right here at home.


If you are interested, check out the Degree Programme in detail here.


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