Sri Lanka Launches First Live Streaming Platform

Live streaming is extremely popular these days with much of the action of the recently concluded US Presidential Election amongst other significant events seeing many viewers catch the action via a live stream rather than through more traditional methods. Even some daring private individuals have taken to live streaming in order to share their escapades with their followers and have their content catalogued and easily retrievable for the future. Now, Sri Lanka has got her first very own live sports streaming platform under the auspices of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) President’s Initiatives Program.

The AFC’s partner, Empower Sports, sent its representatives to Colombo recently to oversee the implementation of the Online Live Streaming Platform. The representatives conducted a workshop for the Football Federation of Sri Lanka a day before the launch of the new platform and explained the workings of the platform, elaborating on streaming technology and the possibility of monetizing the platform. The implementation of similar platforms in countries like Bhutan and Jordan were used as case studies to illustrate the challenges that may need to be faced during the implementation of such platforms.

The new live streaming platform was launched on the 28th of January and first used to stream the second division match between Great Star (Beruwala) and Singing Fish (Jaffna) live from the City Football Ground Stadium, Colombo. Statistics reported that 1,281 people watched the match live on the platform that day.

While the platform is likely to be used only to stream live sports events, the launch of a Sri Lankan Live Streaming Platform is a great achievement and possibly heralds a vibrant future for such endeavours in Sri Lanka. The most important hurdle to cross will be how to make such ventures really profitable given the limited audience in Sri Lanka.

We feel though, that if a space is created in Sri Lanka, by Sri Lankans and with the correct incentives, we could see opportunities for events around the country to be streamed live on a single platform. Sri Lankans would be more connected with goings on in Sri Lanka, in real time than ever before. The ability to stream live on a centralized Sri Lankan platform would also give lesser known groups and individuals the ability to reach out to their target audiences.

It is reasonable to ask that, with the great platforms already available like YouTube and other social networks, whether it is of any real use to set up a platform of our own. The truth, we feel, is yes. Why? So that Sri Lankan made content can then be easily found and appreciated.

So, we hope that this new endeavour will develop into something great or at least encourage Sri Lankans to develop a great streaming platform to host the varied and vibrant content that Sri Lanka has to offer. After all, what is better than some great Sri Lankan flavour?

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Sri Lankan Behind World-Changing Discovery

Metallic Hydrogen – Wonder of the Future?

Sri Lanka is famous and infamous for many things but it’s not every day that a Sri Lankan is at the cutting edge of world altering discoveries and Dr Ranga Dias, a Sri Lankan Extreme Condensed Matter Physicist at Harvard University, is doing just that. He and his partner, Professor Isaac Silvera, have for the very first time in history, managed to create metallic hydrogen in the laboratory. It might not sound like much to the uninitiated but the achievement is akin to discovering the Holy Grail in the specialised science of extreme condensed matter physics and possibly one of the most significant achievements in science, this generation.

The possible positive industrial, commercial and military uses for metallic hydrogen are dizzying to imagine. Everything from supercomputing to magnetically levitated transportation could become easily achievable with metallic hydrogen. Used as a fuel source, metallic hydrogen could bring the greater dreams of mankind, such as deep space exploration, within easy reach. But let’s not get too dreamy eyed just yet.

The duo at Harvard didn’t discover metallic hydrogen out of the blue or on holiday, by accident. No, metallic hydrogen is a form of degenerate matter and a phase of elemental hydrogen that behaves like an electrical conductor. The existence of the phase was first predicted in 1935 and since then scientists have been trying to create and study it in the laboratory but none were successful until Dr Ranga Dias and Professor Isaac Silvera.

The small amount of metallic hydrogen that was created in the laboratory was done so at pressures which are difficult for ordinary people to conceive. Liquid hydrogen was placed in a diamond anvil cell and pressure was applied. Somewhere between 465 and 495 Giga-Pascals of pressure, metallic hydrogen was created. To better illustrate the extent of the pressure required, think of the centre of the earth, all of the earth exerting pressure on that spot due to the earth’s gravity. Ok? Well, this is much more than that, about 10,000 atmospheres of pressure.

Obviously, creating metallic hydrogen was no small task but there’s still more work to be done. They still have to prove their hypothesis that metallic hydrogen will remain stable at ordinary temperatures and pressures. If proven correct and metallic hydrogen is stable at room temperature, then the implications are astronomical, literally. As rocket fuel, metallic hydrogen would be 4 times more powerful than the best stuff we have today. Space travel and transportation in general would be revolutionized.

Proving that metallic hydrogen is stable at normal atmospheric temperatures and pressures would make this one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the age and the duo are working hard toward that end. Still, even if they aren’t able to prove its stability, the actual creation of metallic hydrogen in the laboratory is certainly one of the great scientific achievements of our time and is sure to, at the very least, lead to greater things. But we do sincerely hope it works out and that we can all blast off into space ourselves, soon.

Check out this cool video about metallic hydrogen from Harvard University, featuring the ‘Discovering Duo’ themselves.

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