Sri Lanka Arrives At Tech-Frontier

AI in Sri Lanka

Artificial Intelligence (AI), intelligence exhibited by machines is one of the major frontiers of technology in the world today and Sri Lanka is now amongst a handful of countries now at the leading edge of this brave new area of tech. This is all thanks to The Colombo Centre for Cognitive Computing (CogCom), which launched on the 2nd of March 2017 with the purpose of providing AI solutions to businesses and corporates in Sri Lanka and Asia-Pacific, by providing Artificial Intelligence Applications in the regional and global market.

CogCom is a developer of AI solutions that looks to focus on optimising human performance through smart machines and their team of AI Specialists build apps that help businesses across the world automate tasks and deliver great customer experiences. The apps that CogCom develops run on smart machines that are able to answer questions from anywhere and at any time in simple, natural language.

Despite launching its AI development services only recently, CogCom has had a presence in Sri Lanka as ‘Volume Technology Centre’ for many years now and with the rebranding and launch of CogCom they have also moved from their old offices at the World Trade Centre in Colombo to a brilliantly designed and truly awesome new facility at the Orion City IT Park. Visitors to the new offices were completely taken by the open spaces, glass-walled meeting rooms and collaborative working areas complete with comfy, colourful bean bags, wooden swings and a swanky artificial lawn. Some visitors quipped that they almost thought they were visiting Google’s headquarters in the US. The new environment is sure to be a catalyst in CogCom’s quest to create out of the box solutions.

CogCom is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volume Limited, UK, which is why they were known as Volume Technology Centre before rebranding as CogCom and deciding to introduce AI based solutions in Sri Lanka. Chris Sykes who is the CEO and Head of AI and Robotics at Volume in the UK made a special visit to Sri Lanka for the launch of CogCom and the opening of their delightful new offices. Also present was Volume’s Chief People Officer, Gemma Hood. Chris Sykes and CogCom’s General Manager, Asiri Fernando addressed the cheerful crowd and pledged to work towards the future of AI in Sri Lanka and the Asia-Pacific Region. CogCom also intends to work closely with the High Quality IT Schools and Universities in Sri Lanka to help develop an AI-Focused Curriculum to encourage emerging and aspiring professionals in the field.

Other notable persons present at the launch and opening were Krishan Fernando the Country General Manager for Sri Lanka at IBM-Watson, Jeevan Gnanam the Director/CEO at Orion City, Arunesh Peter the Director Projects at ICTA, Hiran Karunananda the Lead UX at CogCom and Ramesh Shanmuganathan the Chief Information Officer at the John Keells Group.

AI is among the frontiers of technology and at the very cutting edge. It’s one of the many routes that technology may take in the future. AI is today what the internet was in the early 90s, a brave new world where anything is theoretically possible and with the launch of CogCom, Sri Lanka now has its role cut out in this arena. Sri Lanka is a spring of talent, especially in the ICT sector and it will be exciting to see the ideas that the team at CogCom come up with to solve the problems of tomorrow, not to mention today.

Check out this cool video about Artificial Intelligence and tell us what you think about AI and CogCom in the comments below.



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